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Interior Design & Decoration Services

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Welcome to Home Design and Image. I offer a wide range of interior design and decoration services including customised furniture design, interior styling and decoration, and business and commercial interiors.


I offer a full service interior design agency. This includes complete management of your project at every stage from concept planning to creating design foundations through painting, to completing your space with bespoke furnishings.

Timeless Style

It is important for me to use only the finest quality fabrics and furnishings so that my designs become timeless. My work is woven with a luxurious blend of rich texture, form, shape and colors.

Practical and Stylish

Jo was able to come in and immediately get a sense of what changes could be made that were both practical and stylish within a sensible Budget. The end result freed up space, enhanced the visual aspect of every room and made living in the house a more pleasurable experience through careful integration of the interior and exterior spaces. Guests have commented on the improved look and feel of the house. We  absolutely recommend Jo.

Maggie and Richard

I’m so pleased!

I recently worked with Jo on redecorating my home after my children moved out. We didn’t have the budget for a full remodel, and so we decided to give our paint and decor an update.

From the moment I began this project with Jo, I felt excited to see the outcome. She took care of everything, including painting and wallpapering our living areas, sourcing rugs and paintings. Everything was so easy.

She is a truly empathetic designer who has found a way to tie my personality into my home in a practical way. I am so happy to have chosen Jo!


Debbie and Theo

I felt so overwhelmed when we moved into our new house with our 4 children. The most daunting and time-consuming task of turning our house into our dream home was alleviated when we hired Jo.

Jo’s exceptional experience made the decorating process stress free with her fast and meticulous planning. Jo was able to gain a thorough insight of our family needs, likes, tastes and desires. She would coordinate multiple tasks from designing furniture pieces, customising rugs, sourcing fabrics and wallpapers, choosing wall colours, sourcing and creating light fittings while also searching for decorative pieces and pulling it all together to create our perfect space.

As I was time poor, Jo would bring several samples to my home making the decision process quicker and stress free, therefore completing the job a lot quicker than we anticipated.

Thanks to Jo, we now have a dream home that is not only stylish and elegant but practical to suit the needs of my growing family. Friends and family have been so impressed that they too have had the pleasure of working with Jo to transform their special spaces.

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